Volcano Boy Reviews “All of the Time”

While listening to Luke MacNeil’s tune All of the Time, there was something that I couldn’t put my finger on. It has all of the color, emotion and execution of the contemporary singer/songwriter, but there is something else there.
Then I read through his web site and I think I have figured it out.

The man has an all reaching appreciation for music, including a history
with metal that seems to be far reaching. That is what I hear: the
melodic twists of classic Pantera and Dream Theater
laid over the groove of the modern day singer/songwriter. I know, I
know, it sounds like a weird mix, but it works, it works very well in
fact. I am not saying that the whole melody harkens back to classic prog metal,
but there are turns throughout and especially in the middle eight that
made me double take for a moment, until I realized how well it worked.

The song on the whole is very nice and the recording makes me think
that Mr. MacNeil handles playing solo very well, which is not as easy
to pull off as it may seem.

This is someone that all contemporary singer/songwriter and acoustic groove fans should check out.

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