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Santa Cruz Tuners & K&K Pre-Phase

I’m the new owner of a 2009 Santa Cruz OM/PW. It’s a beautiful guitar. It might be the nicest sounding guitar I’ve ever played. It does have a few things that bother me however… First […]

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I want to be a great guitar player.

I’m a pretty good guitar player. I would like to be a great guitar player…. I know several great guitar players, so I know that it’s an obtainable goal. I was thinking about what’s been […]

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New Record Cancelled – Anywhere but here.

It has been some time since I have entered the studio to create something new to share with you all.I could not be more honored than to have been able to do this with my […]

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Gig Tough

"…When the room is noisy, smoky, uninterested in your act, and you still get in the zone where you are 100% focused on the music, are thinking of nothing else, and get transported to the […]

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The First Gig

Which came first, the audience or the performer? Was the first performance of all time inspired by a random group of people in need of entertainment? Or, were the caves and forests of yesteryear filled […]

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