Some love from Red Line Roots

Red Line Roots is a great blog that caters to the Boston folk scene. It’s a great blog with great content, and it’s worth following. Here’s what they have to say about “These are Good Songs”   MacNeil has a raspy, gruff kind of voice. The production is pretty polished and shiny considering his gruff…

I want to be a great guitar player.

I’m a pretty good guitar player. I would like to be a great guitar player…. I know several great guitar players, so I know that it’s an obtainable goal. I was thinking about what’s been keeping me at the pretty good level for so long, since I’ve been here for a good long time…. that…

New Record

The record has arrived! Buy a copy from me at an event, or purchase a DRM Free digital download from CD Baby here in the store, or from your favorite digital music distributor. It’s a good record. Says so right on the package.

Added Photography

Jenn and I have recently decided we enjoy the art of photography. I’ve added a new gallery to the site to showcase some of that work. It’s released under Creative Commons, and you are free to use it.

Firing .38 special in a .357 Magnum revolver.

My first gun (way back in the day.. like… April) was a Smith and Wesson 686P Revolver. I purchased this gun because Smith and Wesson was a company I’d heard of, obviously, and because I trusted a revolver over a semi automatic, and because I had the option of shooting 2 calibers. .38 special and…