How I got started with linux.

Some people who don’t know me, don’t know that I’m a computer geek. Others are well aware. But when I say computer geek, that does not mean I will come to your house and clean the spyware of your windows PC. Really. Don’t ask. When I say I "work with computers"… that does not mean that I will come over and help you transfer the pictures off your new digital camera. I’m a [[linux]] geek… and if you need, I’ll help you with linux all day long.

As a little kid, before the internet was available, we had BBSs.
A [[BBS]] was a bulletin board system where people could dial in with a modem, leave messages on the board forums, download files, and play games. I loved these things. I frequented all of the ones that were in the local area code.

Eventually, I started my own, and although nobody visited, it gave me some exposure to how computers talk to each other.

I started with linux because I wanted to run my own [[MUD]], and the software ran on linux. So I got some disks from a friend, and some tutorials off of the local Bulletin Boards, and started at it.

Linux is an operating system. It’s software that tells your computer how to interact with itself, and with you. Most people turn on their computers and use Microsoft Windows… which is also an operating system. The difference between the two, is that Linux is [[Open Source]]. That means that the source code is open to the public to look at and modify. There are no secrets. And because of this, some of the brightest people in the world have come together to develop a massive library of software. Almost all of it is completely free of charge.

While I admit, the fact that the software is free had a hand in abolishing windows from my household… It’s really the community of people that keeps me interested, always wanting to learn more.

I’m not a developer, meaning I don’t actually write the software.. But I add my time in testing, debugging, documenting, and helping others.. That’s how I give back to the community, and in all these years, I’ve never tired of it.

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