Monthly archives: December, 2009

Simple backup script for VMWare Workstation.

There are more sophisticated ways of doing this, but here is a simple script I’m using to backup my virtual machines. It runs out of cron at 3am on Sundays. I also take snapshots of the VM before any major change.

Replace array key with new array key.

I found that in my model, if the table columns were not explicity set, I ran into problems. This is the block of code I used to check an options array, and replace any non explicit table columns with explicit ones.

Recover files from Apple Time Machine backup on linux.

I was playing with a hackintosh for a month or so, and one of the neatest features it has is Time Machine backups. When I got sick of dicking around with MacOS, I threw linux back on my box. Then I mounted up the Time Machine backup drive and… hrmf. It is less than easy…

OpenSuSE 11.2 Remote Administration (VNC) Black screen

In previous opensuse versions, it has been posible to enable vnc administration easily by enabling the service in YAST. In OpenSuSE 11.2, this option is still available, but does not work well by default. The issue, I believe is that the default window manager has changed to KDE4. Although KDE4 is the default window manager…