Monthly archives: November, 2009

CA Siteminder and SLES 10/11

CA Siteminder (And every CA product I’ve ever had the misfortune of using) is a steaming pile of shit. I mean that with all due respect. Considering the default installation package doesn’t work on stock SLES10/11, here are the hacks to make it work. Follow the normal installation procedure, which will fail when you select…

JQuery to make a lazy filter (like iTunes)

This code is not mine, I’d link out to the source, but I’ve forgotten it. If you wrote this, thank you.

JQuery to show/hide elements and toggle between them.

I have a form with a radio button on it to select from two different sets of options. Each radio button should dynamically load the correct set of options into a select box. Since one select box is filled with static options, and the other is filled with database records, using AJAX to dynamically populate…

Codeigniter validation ( This field or that field, but not both )

Codeigniter’s validation class is awesome, but I ran into a situation where I wanted to set a rule that said something like: Either Field A or Field B needs to be filled out, but not neither, and not both. To do this I used PHP and popped a custom error on the form_falidation error array….

Code content

I’ve added a new category to the site under the “Linux” section. This category is entitled “Code” and will hold snippets of code in various languages (Mainly BASH, JavaScript, and PHP). This information is here to help others, but mainly as a repository for my own use. Anyone is welcome to use or modify this…