Month: November 2006

Meldiva Coffee House Gig Cancelled

The gig at Meldiva Coffee House this evening has been cancelled. I appologize for the inconvience.

The Art of the Solo Performer

Hello Folks. Just a plug for my friend and coach Steve Rapson. I just finished working on his new website, you can check it out here

Back To Basics

In an age where music and technology are becoming increasingly more connected, local singer/songwriter Luke MacNeil is committed to staying ahead of the curve. The 23-year-old Milford resident plans to release his latest full-length CD, titled "Under Covers," exclusively through digital download services such as Napster and Apple's iTunes Music Store. That means no compact…


Thanks to slid3r from #linuxpeople for designing the new logo.

New album, New design.

I have just finished recording an album to be released for digital distribution. The album is called “Under Covers” and includes 10 renditions of some of my favorite songs. It’s been a challenge, but I certainly feel the project was worthwhile. It will be available shortly from iTunes, Napster, and this website. I will be…