Month: October 2006

Here’s one for Sanity Now Available on Napster.

For those of you Napster using maniacs, my album is now available for digital download. Happy Listening.

Website Downtime

If you’ve been unable to get to the website lately, don’t worry. It’s because I’ve been recording, and the server is just too loud. For the next week or so it will come down for hours at a time, but nothing is wrong, I’ll be done soon. -Luke.

Here’s one for Sanity Available on Itunes

Itunes has activated my album “Here’s one for Sanity” in it’s music store. The album is available for $0.99 per song, or $9.99 per album. All proceeds will go to the release of my next CD, which I am scheduling for December 2006.

Luke makes the Boston Globe!

Songwriter took years to find his inner voice By Denise Taylor | October 5, 2006 The “singer” part of becoming a singer/songwriter was the hitch for Luke MacNeil. He could play guitar, he could write songs, and he wanted to sing, but he cringed at the sound of his own voice. “I was always afraid…