Month: August 2005

More video!

The dosrod was kind enough to digitize my performance on CCTV. Sometime durring the week I will cut the file up into individual songs and post it for everyone. Thanks dos.

Video Added!

Thanks to Gary Moebus who was kind enough to film me at the Java Hut, there is now video on the website.. The files are big but you should be able to play them in Quicktime. Thanks again Gary!

New Songs.

I’ve been working hard on new material, and I’ve posted a few new songs to the audio page. I’ll be testing them out around the open mics over the next few months.. Let me know if you think they should make it to the album. Thanks. – Luke.


After replacing some parts, the website is now fixed.

Power Outage

The lightning storm last week destroyed my computers. The site will probably be up and down this week while I fix everything. I’ll try to do everything late at night so you should still be able to connect. Thanks to everyone thats been comming out… I’m going to try and make a routine of the…