Month: July 2005

Songwriter Circle

After hearing Ryan Fitzsimmons and seeing his Songwriters in the Round performance, I decided to try starting a similar community event around here. As of now there are 5 interested songwriters. Each month we will pick a topic and write a song about it.. The next month we will perform and critique for each other….

Caimbridge Community TV.

I’m going to be interviewed and perform on Caimbridge Community TV live from 4:30-5:00 on Thursday August 4th. I’ll perform an original set, mixing my two newest songs with a few older fingerstyle tunes. It should be a great show! Tune in!

Open Mics.

While I’m writing and booking I’ll be trying out material at open mics, and since I don’t have many feature gigs, I’ll post the open mics I’ll be appearing at on the events page. If you’d like to stop by I’ll be at each of those locations practicing and networking.

Network Outage.

I apologize.. a fuse blew here taking out my webserver today.. I just realized it was down and was able to turn it back on.

New Music, Pictures, and Events!

I’ve started posting new recordings on the Audio page, as well as some pictures on the Pictures page, and I added an event to the Event page.. If you get bored… stop by the Guestbook page. Thanks to Meg-an Frederick for her help taking pictures, and for being such a great support.