Month: December 2004


After listening to Laurence Juber and some of Peter Poulousky’s stuff, I’ve decided to invest some time into some dadgad compositional stuff. I already have a few pieces ready to be polished up. Its different for me.. One of the sections sounds alot like something Opeth would do.

Got rid of the picture.

There were too many complaints about the picture so I killed it entirely for now. Jim Mobrey from the Cafe Espresso took some pictures for me that I’ll go through and pick. Not that its really exciting news, but its news, Ok. Also, the Holly Walk in bellingham is going to be from 3-7, I…

New CD!!

Roger Cagnon, accomplished trombonist and Berkley Graduate has agreed to produce my CD. In the next month we will be going over the tracks and polishing them up into a more professional quality recording. Can’t wait to get started. Thanks Roger!

My Picture.

People have been complaining about the picture I have posted… They say I look like a homicidal alien. Is that true? What do you think, should I change it?

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone that came out to Uxbridge for the Christmas festivities. It was a great gig. Alternatives over in Uxbridge is really a great place with some great art for sale.